Greetings ! This is Aryan
Animator, Character artist, editor

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Hi, Im a character artist who's here to help you with all your needs with character

I’m based in Noida loves clean, simple & unique designs. I also enjoy playing RPGs and racing games.

Ive been making character design and models for over 3 years and have worked with many clients who have been a great help in pushing my ideas and thinking to new horizon.

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Animation/3D Modelling 80%
Video Editing 60%
Character Design 80%

My Services

3D Modelling/Animation

Get a 3D model of your character with your desired poly count and style with an rig for you to tweak as per your wishes. I can also animate it for you if you wish

Video Editing

Get your video edited as per your need, Ive got experience eediting Music videos, trailers etc.

Character Design

Get your dream character made from sratch or your favouraite character be made as per your own wishes, get your exclusive character made which you will hold dear to your heart

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